I am currently mentoring two UVA undergraduates :

Sasha Bilal – UVA ’20 – Sasha studied the unwelcome invasion of Drosophila hydei in our outdoor cages and received a Harrison Undergraduate Research Fellowship award to study interspecific competition between Drosophila species for the summer of 2019. Congrats Sasha!

Liam Miller – UVA ’23 – Liam will be assisting our contribution to the European Drosophila Population Genomics Consortium (DrosEU) project to phenotype diapause across dozens of European populations of flies. He is also investigating several specific polymorphisms that we believe are important for seasonal life history evolution.


Past UVA undergraduates:

Helen Stone – UVA ’19 – Helen was chosen as a prestigious Harrison Undergraduate Research Fellow, and received over $3000 in research funds for the summer of 2018. She will present her research at the Drosophila 2019 conference and received a Victoria Finnerty undergraduate travel award! Helen is studying the role of cold hardening and thermal sensation in overwintering and is assisting with a long term field study of flies in cages at Morven Farms. You can read about Helen’s work in her preprint. Helen will work as a lab technician at Yale starting the summer of 2019!

Danny Song – UVA ’19 – Danny has completed independent research studying the role of diet in diapause, and has  constructed our field site for fly cages at Morven Farms. He is currently studying an exciting timecourse to see if diapause induction changes over seasonal time in our cages. Danny plans to work as an EMT after graduating.

At UC Berkeley, I mentored five undergraduates, two of whom were coauthors on published papers (*):

*Alyson Smith -Berkeley ’13- currently PhD student at Scripps Research Institute. Alyson received a competitive $6000 Rose Hills Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and completed an honors thesis under my supervision.

Clement Kao – Berkeley ’14 (1 semester)

*Joan Baek – Berkeley ’16 -currently PhD student at Rutgers. Joan worked with me for 3 full years and was indispensible for the completion of my supergene paper.

Kristen Huang – Berkeley ’16 (1 summer)

Aloukika Shah – Berkeley ’17 (2 semesters)

I also supervised six graduate rotation students during my time in the Miller lab. James Hart’s rotation project contributed to my paper on enhancer evolution.

The following undergraduate students were not formally mentored by me but were  collaborators and coauthors on papers: Monica Jimenez (DVM/PhD student at U Penn), Rachel Agoglia (PhD student at Stanford),  Emily Killingbeck (PhD student at University of Washington) & Sara Carsanaro.