Resources: A sampling of active-learning activities that I used in class and were successful. Many are designed by others; some I made myself. Feel free to use any of them and contact me if you would like the key!

Biology 200 (U. Richmond)

This course covers integrated principles of biology, focusing on the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. While many materials for this class are shared from other instructors, I have included activities that I developed myself here. Please contact me for keys.

Evolution homework problem POTW_1_S20

Meiosis worksheet: meiosis activity worksheet

Transcription and translation strip sequence: put these in order, separated out as eukaryotic, prokaryotic, or both: transcription translation strip sequence

CRISPR activity: CRISPR activity

Reading guides: These accompany the Freeman Biology Text

Week 13 Reading guide

Week 12 Reading guide

Week 11 Reading guide

Week 10 reading guide

Week 8 Reading guide

Week 7 reading guide

Week 6 reading guide

Week 5 Reading Guide

Week 4 reading guide

Week 3 reading guide

Week 2 Reading Guide


Other great teaching resources I used:

Leptin case study

Cyanide case study

Gleevec case study


Biology 2200 (UVA)

I taught Biology 2200 (Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology) during the summer of 2019 at UVA. This class covered evolution, the diversity of life, and the evolution of anatomy and physiology–all in 18 days!  Syllabus 


The making of the Fittest (HHMI Biointeractive)

Evolution on a sticky note island

The Great Clade Race

Stickleback speciation case study

EarthViewer (HHMI–this is an incredible interactive resource for the geological and biological history of earth). Activity focusing on mass extinctions; modified from one made by HHMI.

History of life worksheet using fantastic HHMI timeline

Observations and inferences in evolutionary thinking worksheet

Diversity of life:

Bacterial survivor game & modified handout for bacterial survivor

Microbiomes and human nutrition

White Nose syndrome case study

Evolution of multicellularity (a fun mini-paper that I used on the first day of animal evolution)

Invertebrate 20 Questions (students had one card stuck to their back with tape and had to ask yes/no question to identify the group of invertebrate they had; ie “Am I a bilaterian”, “Do I have a cuticle”, etc. Game idea courtesy of Teresa Lee, Emory University)

Plant evolution crossword puzzle

Plant phylogenetic tree activity

Vertebrate phylogenetic tree

Exploring transitional fossils (HHMI Biointeractive)

Origin of Humans (HHMI Biointeractive)

Animal form and function:

Dung beetle thermoregulation and worksheet (a fun mini-paper that is accessible to introductory students)

Blank nephron to be labeled

On the last day of 2200, students wrote anatomy haikus and limericks about their favorite organ systems: see their work here

Other teaching:

Evolution and Development of the Face (MCB 198) – Instructor, Fall 2014 – I designed this course to be part of the UC Berkeley DeCal Program. It was a primary literature-based seminar that included majors and non-majors. Syllabus

Genetics Laboratory (MCB 140) -UC Berkeley, Spring 2013

Genetics, Genomics and Development (MCB 104) – UC Berkeley, Fall 2011